Our manifesto

  • Avant-garde
  • Culture
  • Territory


The DNA of the Marchesini family, and thus of the company, has always included research, a drive to innovate, and a forward-looking approach.
Fondazione Marchesini ACT has inherited this Avant-garde mindset, and puts it into practice to the benefit of the community. There is much to be discovered which can improve our tomorrow, especially at this time of global emergency: we look to the future to bring hope to the present.


Culture is the foundation of a secure, solid tomorrow: it generates inclusion through knowledge and defines diversity as a mutual value and enrichment.
It embraces both theoretical knowledge and technical culture, which is handed down over time and is born from professionalism and specialisation. As a Foundation, we wish to create more opportunities for sharing Culture or Cultures, especially for young people.
This is a challenge in a digital era where all knowledge seems to be available to all, but where a great deal still has to be done if it is really to benefit society as a whole.


The verb “to ACT”, with its dual meaning of “taking action” and “playing a role”, references the aim of taking an active part in society, offering consistent, structured support to the Territory.
Today, the Territory is not just the local community where the Group developed as a business, but the national and global community in the broadest terms, aiding integration, synergies and economic growth.

Our Mission

Marchesini Group has a long-standing involvement in a series of charitable projects which have constantly grown in scale and importance over the years: the Foundation takes over these activities, and in 2021 it will already be at work to tackle the pandemic with donations to food kitchens, hostels and projects that can offer basic necessities in general, before moving on to health requirements and the world of technical culture.
We are living through the largest crisis since the Second World War, and many people are already asking for help. The Foundation wants to be an effective tool for offering the community consistent, structured support.
Once the “RUNTS”, the Italian national register of the voluntary sector, has come into force, the Foundation will be classified as an “ETS” (Voluntary Entity) and will start the distribution of grants.


The Foundation was established by Valentina Marchesini – the company’s current Human Resources Manager – together with Gaia and Matteo Marchesini, all members of the company’s third generation. The other trustees are Maurizio and Marco Marchesini – with their respective wives, Marinella and Catia – Michelangelo Marchesini, the youngest member of the third generation, and Marchesini Group S.p.A.