Our projects

The Foundation is intended to bring together under a single roof all the many charitable projects previously run by the Group and the Marchesini family, which become even more important for the territory and the crisis caused by the pandemic in today’s specific context.

Cinque pezzi buoni – examples of quality journalism

Marchesini ACT Foundation supports the Master in Journalism of the University of Bologna, which organized the project “Five good pieces” in collaboration with the Salaborsa Library. This project consists of a series of meetings presented by prominent guests and open to the public. During these events, “five pieces” are presented as examples of quality journalism […]


A common growth path for children with autism and disabilities

Fondazione Marchesini ACT supports the “Banca del Tempo Sociale” (Social Time Bank) project conceived by “I Bambini delle Fate”, an initiative thanks to which young people with autism and disabilities from the “Noi come Noi Aps” association will be able to spend time alongside their high school peers. It is a path of common growth, […]


The fight against breast cancer with Race for the Cure

Fondazione Marchesini ACT supports “Race for the cure”, the biggest event on the fight against breast cancer in Italy and around the world; an event symbol of the Susan G. Komen Italia organization. It is a sports, health, and solidarity initiative, open to all, which includes a traditional 2 km walk and a 5 km […]

fondazione marchesini ACT sito - weworld

WeWorld – Concrete support to communities in Peru and Bolivia with telemedicine

Today, in Bolivia and Peru’s rural areas, a large part of the population does not have access to those basic services that should be necessary and guaranteed. In these regions, the lack of opportunities, resources and inequality are greater than in the rest of the national territories. Moreover, limited connections are often an insuperable obstacle […]


Save the Children – Preschool Education and Women’s Empowerment in Jordan

Save the Children has been present in Jordan since 1985 and since 2012 has focused on enhancing access to pre-school education and early childhood care and development services in the Za’atari and Azraq Refugee Camps, which have been challenged over time by the constant influx of Syrian refugees. Indeed, Jordan is the third largest country […]

fondazione marchesini ACT sito - phoresta

Phoresta, The Biodiversity Wood in Bologna

The Bosco della Biodiversità (Biodiversity Wood), in Bologna is a forestation project on a property designed and developed by Phoresta. The commitment is to achieve the goals set by the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement of 2015, namely the reduction of atmospheric CO2 concentration to combat global warming. Indeed, forestation is of particular relevance […]


“6 a Casa”

The project that helps people with cognitive disabilities to take the plunge and face independent living.


Riempi il piatto vuoto – CEFA

Fondazione Marchesini ACT is supporting ‘Riempi il piatto vuoto’ (Fill the Empty Plate), a CEFA initiative to support local soup kitchens and tackle the food crisis in the Horn of Africa.


Insegui la tua storia

The ‘Insegui la tua storia’ (Pursue your story) festival is one of the region’s longest-running events of its kind, as well as an occasion for a cross-section of children, parents and grandparents to meet and learn: a true community experience.

pane quotidiano

Pane Quotidiano

We support the Pane Quotidiano association in contributing to
the safe distribution of food to the most disadvantaged people.


Penny Wirton Bologna

We support the Penny Wirton School, a project to teach Italian to foreigners, by training its volunteers and promoting the school’s activities.

progetto io sono eva - cefa

Io sono Eva – CEFA

We support ‘Io sono Eva’ (I am Eva), a CEFA project to give space and an audience to girls of foreign origin living in Bologna and its province.


A.L.I.Ce Bologna O.D.V.

We support the initiatives of A.L.I.Ce. Bologna to inform
and support people coping with a stroke and their families.


The L’ARCO Recovery project

Fondazione Marchesini ACT supports L’ARCO in the development of recovery-oriented projects for people with mental disorders or social difficulties.


Adopt a researcher

For 2022, Fondazione Marchesini ACT is supporting
Dr. Darina Očadlíková’s scientific research.



On 25 November, Fondazione Marchesini ACT, in collaboration with
Marchesini Group Beauty, will team up with WeWorld to promote
the fifth edition of the national awareness-raising campaign #UnRossoAllaViolenza (#ARedCardForViolence).



Marchesini ACT Foundation supports a new project by Bimbo Tu. A special, innovative project that has fascinated us since the first stories. The presentation is scheduled in Bologna on 30 September 2021. On that occasion we will present it to you and tell you more.


Tribù by Bimbo Tu

“Tribù” is a recreational and educational space created by Bimbo Tu for paediatric patients (3-16 years) at the Bellaria hospital of Bologna but also their relatives in the same age group.