“6 a Casa”

The project that helps people with cognitive disabilities to take the plunge and face independent living.

Fondazione Marchesini ACT supports “6 a Casa”, the new apartment of Fondazione Dopo di Noi

Inaugurated on April 15, 2023 where six men with cognitive disabilities live permanently.

The house is located in the Navile district in Bologna and allows the six roommates to increase their autonomy, previously acquired thanks to preparation courses promoted by the Foundation itself, as well as to learn to cooperate. This process favors a gradual detachment from the family, respecting the methods and times of each one.

“6 a Casa” is the eighth apartment of the Widespread Residential System, promoted and managed by the Foundation. This system now has a house where preparation courses for housing autonomy take place and seven other houses in which another 20 people live permanently “outside the house“.

The intention to carry out this project was shared in November 2021 and then implemented in the memorandum of understanding that establishes the collaboration between Acer Bologna and Fondazione Dopo di Noi in September 2022.

Marco, Pino, Alessandro, Giacomo, Tommy and Federico are the protagonists of this story, it is expected that the group will be supported for a few hours a day by professional educators based on the needs and working hours of each man.