A.L.I.Ce Bologna O.D.V.

We support the initiatives of A.L.I.Ce. Bologna to inform
and support people coping with a stroke and their families.

Founded in 2009, A.L.I.Ce Bologna – Association for the Fight against Cerebral Strokes is a volunteer organisation that helps people affected by strokes and their families.

With around 200,000 cases every year in Italy, including 1,700 in Bologna, strokes are the leading cause of permanent disability and the third leading cause of death. Moreover, the resulting disability causes economic hardship for families and society.

A.L.I.Ce. Bologna resulted from the need to support patients and their families and to raise awareness of the issue in order to prevent the disease and educate people about health.
It offers both psychological and practical support through various free tools such as a 24/7 hotline to provide support and information or online meetings to maintain autonomy through motor activity.

Fondazione Marchesini ACT supports the organisation in its mission, both in its work to assist stroke victims and in its prevention activities.
Indeed, A.L.I.Ce. Bologna, always attentive to disclosure, information and fostering a dialogue between citizens and local social and health services, organises seminars ‘For a culture of health and care’. Every year, it also organises the Prevention Day, which aims to inform people about primary prevention of strokes, to help them recognise onset symptoms and to improve their knowledge of outcomes, offering citizens free screenings to assess medical and psychological risk and protective factors.