Aldini4Inclusion Workshop: “3D, Realtà Aumentata e Realtà Virtuale”

We are supporting the Istituto Aldini Valeriani and the Aldini4Inclusion Workshop project: ‘3D, Realtà Aumentata e Realtà Virtuale’
(3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality).

The highly innovative ‘Aldini4Inclusion’ Workshop on virtual reality, educational robotics, gaming, augmented reality, CAD3D programming and audio/video productions was set up at the Istituto Aldini Valeriani to make the school environment increasingly inclusive and attentive to the needs of the most vulnerable young people.

Resulting from the collaboration between the school and the Fondazione ASPHI Onlus, with the support of Fondazione Marchesini ACT and Marposs and the contribution of Fondazione CARISBO, it offers more educational opportunities for students with disabilities (from various study courses: electronics, mechanics and graphics), for the transfer of skills in the use of new tools and systems, fostering autonomy, social participation and job placement.

The course currently underway involves the participation of 22 students, 14 of whom have disabilities, and 4 support teachers for a duration of 30 hours, under the coordination of two expert teachers from the Istituto Aldini Valeriani, with the support of the ASPHI Foundation technology research team.

A fundamental role is played by the involvement of different actors in the co-design of the training and approach to the labour world, a local network where the presence of companies is also important and which is structured as an educating community that joins forces to prevent widespread phenomena such as school drop-outs and NEETs, committed to ensuring the well-being, growth and equal opportunities of girls and boys in learning and their entry into the world of work.

“This project targets the skills required by the labour market and experiments with new inclusive teaching methods, with a special focus on the accessibility and usability of new systems such as 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality,” explains Cristina Manfredini, secretary general of the Fondazione ASPHI non-profit organisation.

“The project offers a further opportunity for professional and personal guidance for students with special educational needs, enriching their life plans with prospects,” adds the headmaster of the Istituto Aldini Valeriani, Pasquale Santucci.

“We consider it a source of pride to contribute to the creation of an inclusive workshop where local young people can enhance their skills and prepare for the labour market. Thanks to the collaboration with excellent organisations such as the Istituto Aldini Valeriani and the Fondazione ASPHI Onlus, together with Fondazione Marchesini we will create a space for inclusion and education, fundamental values for individual growth,” comments Marposs.

“We are delighted to confirm our partnership with Asphi and the Istituto Aldini Valeriani,” comments Valentina Marchesini, chairman of Fondazione Marchesini ACT and HR director of Marchesini Group, “which we consider one of the city hubs for the technical training of our young people and their preparation for the labor market. Above all, this project has two strengths: it is inclusive, involving young people with cognitive disabilities, and it focuses on the development of increasingly necessary skills, such as those related to augmented reality and artificial intelligence.”