Cinque pezzi buoni – examples of quality journalism

Marchesini ACT Foundation supports the Master in Journalism of the University of Bologna, which organized the project “Five good pieces” in collaboration with the Salaborsa Library. This project consists of a series of meetings presented by prominent guests and open to the public. During these events, “five pieces” are presented as examples of quality journalism to help understand the complexity of the present, ranging from news about science, history and geopolitics. The first meeting was held by Cathy La Torre, lawyer and activist. The second was presented by Flavio Bonifacci, screenwriter, writer, playwright and television author. The third meeting, however, was held by the writer Paolo Di Paolo, whose book “Novel Without Humans” reflects on the impact of the climate in our lives. The fourth was focused on the analysis of the needs and meanings of our time, linking academia and pop, held by Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici. Finally, the fifth meeting was presented by linguist Vera Gheno, on topics such as sexism and inclusivity in the Italian language, advancing solutions to the male bias of our grammar.

To converse with the guests was the director of the master Fulvio Cammarano.

Other projects

A common growth path for children with autism and disabilities

Fondazione Marchesini ACT supports the “Banca del Tempo Sociale” (Social Time Bank) project conceived by “I Bambini delle Fate”, an initiative thanks to which young people with autism and disabilities from the “Noi come Noi Aps” association will be able to spend time alongside their high school peers. It is a path of common growth, […]


The fight against breast cancer with Race for the Cure

Fondazione Marchesini ACT supports “Race for the cure”, the biggest event on the fight against breast cancer in Italy and around the world; an event symbol of the Susan G. Komen Italia organization. It is a sports, health, and solidarity initiative, open to all, which includes a traditional 2 km walk and a 5 km […]

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WeWorld – Concrete support to communities in Peru and Bolivia with telemedicine

Today, in Bolivia and Peru’s rural areas, a large part of the population does not have access to those basic services that should be necessary and guaranteed. In these regions, the lack of opportunities, resources and inequality are greater than in the rest of the national territories. Moreover, limited connections are often an insuperable obstacle […]