Energy upgrading of the Barrier-Free Village

We are supporting Fondazione Campidori in improving services for guests
with disabilities at its Barrier-Free Village.

Riqualificazione energetica Villaggio senza barriere Fondazione Campidori by fondazione marchesini ACT

Breaking down architectural barriers and barriers of the heart.

Fondazione Don Mario Campidori – Simpatia e Amicizia Onlus – promotes work and projects for inclusive socialisation and participation, focusing on people with disabilities.

The Pastor Angelicus Barrier-Free Village is a promotional project designed to provide short stays for disabled guests, together with their family members, friends or carers. It is a welcoming place where guests can independently experiment, rediscover their talents and overcome social marginalisation.

In response to growing demand, the Fondazione Campidori initiated a project to upgrade energy in the Village and to modernise its heating plant.

Fondazione Marchesini ACT’s contribution partly supports the renovation of six flats to equip them with an independent heating system. The work, which began in January 2022, will make it possible to use the individual units at any time of year, including independently of the entire complex. Fondazione Campidori intends to significantly reduce its energy consumption thanks to this building renovation. It will also be able to extend the facility’s opening times into the winter months and to offer guests greater comfort. 

Ensuring equal opportunities for all and optimising consumption: these goals are in line with our values and we are delighted to support them!