Marchesini ACT Foundation supports a new project by Bimbo Tu. A special, innovative project that has fascinated us since the first stories. The presentation is scheduled in Bologna on 30 September 2021. On that occasion we will present it to you and tell you more.

Fondazione Marchesini ACT sostiene il progetto Risoamica di Bimbo Tu

Coming soon!

Other projects

The renovation of Antoniano

An important project which stems from the need to secure the structure against seismic events but with the more urgent goal of adapting the spaces to meet the constant increase in demand from people in need.


Tribù by Bimbo Tu

“Tribù” is a recreational and educational space created by Bimbo Tu for paediatric patients (3-16 years) at the Bellaria hospital of Bologna but also their relatives in the same age group.