“UILDM al tuo fianco”

We support UILDM and the ‘UILDM al tuo fianco’ (UILDM at your side) project

UILDM – Italian Union Against Muscular Dystrophy – deals with the quality of life of people with neuromuscular diseases and their families every day.
For 40 years, UILDM has also operated in Bologna, with a branch based in the city that deals with people living throughout the metropolitan area.

The ‘UILDM al tuo fianco’ project was set up to strengthen the support service in home care, so as to meet people’s special needs and to make independent living projects a reality. With the support of Fondazione Marchesini ACT, which has contributed to this project, the aim is to be able to help even more families.

To do this, it was also necessary to consolidate the information and counselling desk, the point where the request for help is first received and the reference point for all possible contacts with the medical and scientific staff.

Working alongside people with muscular dystrophy makes it possible to monitor and support the individual’s entire family unit (not just the dystrophic patient) throughout the entire journey: from the moment of their diagnosis, and throughout its development.

Today, UILDM provides counselling services to more than 40 families in the area, but with the foundation’s backing it intends to provide family support to at least another 10 households.